‘Southern Charm’

Thomas Ravenel's Friend Accuses Girlfriend Ashley Jacobs Of Being A ‘Gold Digger’

She ‘just [hangs] out in an apartment that Thomas pays for.’

Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobsrelationship was at a crossroads on the latest episode of Southern Charm.

“I think there’s an unevenness between what I’m giving her versus what she’s giving me,” Thomas explained to his friend Patricia Altschul before expressing his unhappiness with Ashley and her lack of employment. “That creates resentment on both points. I feel like the way to level the playing field is to work, be financially secure. If she were focused on something other than me. “I asked her why she loved me so much. She said ‘Well, you’re a good provider.’ ”

“Which translates into you’ve got money,” Patricia replied. “No job. No interests. No friends. Just hanging out in an apartment that Thomas pays for. The word that comes to mind is ‘gold digger.’”


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Patricia clearly gave Thomas a lot to think about as he decided to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Ashley following their discussion.

“The way things have been going I’m just some kind of sugar daddy,” he told his tearful girlfriend, who explained that she was worried if she got a job Thomas would party without her.

The two then got into a heated exchange, both accusing the other of wanting the other to “change.” However, the argument came to a head when Thomas said, “Maybe we should just call it quits.”

While Thomas ultimately backtracked on his statement later on in the episode, saying “I still have some hope,” the two’s relationship seemed to be left hanging in the balance.

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