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Watch: Tina Fey Surprises Her Super Fans While They Thank Her!

'Yes, I have made it possible that some day you will make out with James Marsden.'

Saturday Night Live alum & award-winning actress Tina Fey has clearly left quite the impression on many of her fans.

During a segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she surprised some of them after they left her some incredibly heartwarming messages that showcased what the Mean Girls star has meant to them.

A girl-girl comedy duo & best friends said that Tina opened the doors for them due to all her success, and that they hope that one day they get to do a scene with hunky actor James Marsden  just like she did on 30 Rock.  Then, without missing a beat, Tina appears and the two girls become giddy with excitement as she declares “Yes, I have made it possible that some day you will make out with James Marsden!”

Several other fans left amazing messages prior to Tina coming out and surprising them, with one saying “I’ve been a fan for years.  Thank you for your humor; that is an inspiration to young women like my niece, and even to us older ‘Mean Girls‘”.  Others said that she was a direct influence on their life just like Carol Burnett and Gilda Radner was a big influence for Tina, which got a big reaction out of the 6-time Emmy winner.

The best message was truly saved for last amid all the other surprised and emotional reactions, as Jimmy Fallon turned the tables on Tina and shared his own thoughts on what she has meant to him.  “I’m on hormone pills,” he joked as he got choked up before he started his heartfelt message for her.  “I have two daughters, and my hope for them is that they’ll grow up to be leaders like you and that they’ll they  be as fearless and confident in their strengths as you are.” So beautiful!

Watch the clip above!  What are your thoughts on Tina’s fan’s reactions? Sound off in the comments! 

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