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OK! Exclusive: Reality Star Todd Chrisley Explains Why He Won't Come Out Of The Closet – See The Video!

Todd Chrisley knows how to get the people going!

As fans know, Todd loves his share of attention, case in point Chrisley Knows Best, but now the reality star has taken it to a whole new level!

From his closet, and while in his bathrobe, Todd revealed one of his most prized beauty secrets, but not before joking about his sexuality (only Mr. Chrisley would plug a product while poking fun at himself). #ChrisleyAd

The reality star, who is known for his humor and pranks, starts the video off by saying, “let me tell you why I don’t come out of the closet, or better yet, let me show you why.”

Todd then goes on to show off his ginormous closet and reveal his beauty secret by opening a drawer full of the product. #AnotherToddChrisleyPrank

The married father-of-five has faced questions about his sexuality since CKB aired in 2014, but clearly he’s not fazed by the haters and is choosing to laugh it off.

Click the video above to see Todd’s “out of the closet” video!  

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