‘Total Divas’ Star Paige Skips Rosa’s Baby Shower For TV Appearance!

This is Rosa’s first child.

WWE Diva Paige has a lot on her plate right now and juggling social time and work is proving hard for the wrestler.

She’s in Los Angeles for Rosa Mendes’ baby shower for her littler girl Jordan but Paige has to break some bad news to Rosa. She’s chosen to do an appearance on an MTV reality show rather than attend the event.

“I’m in L.A. for Rosa’s baby shower but the same day as the baby shower I got asked to do Ridiculousness,” Paige explains. “It’s a great opportunity and great exposure for a different market.”

The preggo mama is not happy about the news. She tried to lay on the guilt but to not avail.

Total Divas airs every Tuesday at 9pm ET on E!

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