OK! Exclusive Video: ‘She Sucks At Wrestling!’ Catfight Between Ariane Vs. Paige On Total Divas

Never turn your back!

Paige offers to help Ariane with her wrestling skills and Ariane is not having any of it. The former Total Divas star is not practicing in a safe way and gets aggressive!

In her confessional Paige says, “There’s ways in wrestling where we can protect each other from getting hurt.”

“Do you want to be dangerous or do you want to wrestle?” she asks Ariane AKA Cameron. And then the claws come out!

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“Is that how to f*cking talk?” Ariane responds, clearly agitated.

At this rate one wrong move could lead to injury and halt Paige’s career. She says, “You’re not wrestling right!”

The two ladies go after each other, pulling hair and ultimately have to broken up!

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Make sure to watch Total Divas Tuesday, September 1st at 9pm on E!

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