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Tristan Thompson Is Juggling BOTH Khloe Kardashian & Ex Jordy Craig!

Khloe Kardashian just threw boyfriend Tristan Thompson a lavish birthday party which she showed off on Snapchat, and even called him her “love” on Instagram. But she may be in for heartbreak yet again, after a source told OK! exclusively that her search for love may not be over.

The 26-year-old is reportedly still getting it on with his beautiful ex-girlfriend, Jordy Craig, with whom he recently had a son.

“Tristan has been juggling both women this whole time,” a the source said.

And he’s been able to get away with it by telling the 32-year-old reality star that he’s simply with Jordy to look after his 3-month-old son! #Scheming

The craziest part is while “Khloe sees a future with Tristan, according to the insider, she’s no fool, and “has had her suspicions at times” about the basketball star’s behavior when she’s not around. However, considering the public embarrassment she’s dealt with in past relationships, she’s not trying to admit to being cheated on yet again.

Said the source, “After all her bad luck with men, Khloe would be too embarrassed to admit she got played again.”

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