Walmart SVP David Scott Welcomes Stars To The Bentonville Film Festival

The founding sponsor promotes diversity and inclusion in film.

David Scott, the Senior Vice President of Talent and Organizational Effectiveness at Walmart could not contain his enthusiasm about the third annual Bentonville Film Festival, and it’s easy to see why: The event was a total blast!

He spoke with OK! exclusively at the event about why inclusiveness is so important to Walmart, the founding sponsor of the huge event.

“It’s a critical part of just being a part of the community here in Bentonville. Not only from a Walmart perspective. It’s a really important voice for us to have about diversity and inclusion, not just in media, but also the role that it plays in the entire world. So we’re very excited to be a sponsor of The Bentonville Film Festival,” he explained.

As for why the summit is such a hit, David said, “What an amazing event to bring here to Bentonville! You wouldn’t believe the excitement that it generates just on the street. Whether you’re sitting down having a cup of coffee, walking through the Bentonville Square, sitting on one of the panels, or going to one of the films that are here. Just the sheer energy and excitement that this film festival brings is a highlight for all of us who live in Bentonville.”

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