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WATCH: Polar Bear Gives Birth Live In Zoo Video

She wasn't expecting this bundle of joy!

A polar bear living at the Tierpark Berlin zoo in Germany suddenly gave birth today unexpectedly! The bear, named Tonja, had a baby cub and the entire thing was caught on camera. Tierpark Berlin shared the magical moment on their YouTube page.

This new baby cub still doesn’t have a name, but it’s adorable! Born just 30 centimeters long, the polar bear cub has been inseparable from its mother since birth. Like all polar bears, it was born deaf and blind.

Tonja also recently lost a cub, named Fritz, just nine months ago due to liver inflammation, according to People. Fritz was three months old and had been celebrated in Germany as an heir to the beloved polar bear Knut. 

After that devastating loss, welcoming this new bundle of joy into the world means a lot! However, the new baby is still at risk.

“Naturally, we are delighted,” zoo manager Dr. Andreas Knieriem said in a statement on Tierpark Berlin’s website. “But, just like last year, we now have to keep our fingers crossed. The mortality rate for young polar bears is around 50 percent, and it is particularly high in the first 10 days.”

Tonja and her new cub are currently holed up just the two of them at Tierpark Berlin, and visitors are not permitted. The cub’s father, 6-year-old Wolodja, is also at the zoo.

Watch the amazing video above.

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