Downward Spiral?

The Weeknd's Boozy New Gig Could Get Girlfriend Selena Gomez In A LOT Of Trouble

The pop star checked into rehab last year.

The Weeknd’s latest venture may spell major trouble for his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. As previously reported, the 24-year-old has already been in rehab more than once, and is showing no signs of trying to slow down her partying ways.

While she has always denied any substance abuse as her reason for going to rehab, a source told RadarOnline that she “is drinking,” but telling pals “she never really had a problem,” instead blaming her downward spiral on prescription drugs.


But the truth always comes out, and it may be even harder for the singer to keep her secret hidden since The Weeknd has now partnered with Grey Goose Vodka. “Grey Goose has always been such an iconic brand to me,” shares The Weeknd. “I’m excited to partner with them.”

Let’s just hope this doesn’t mean Selena is going to suffer the consequences!

Making matters even more complicated for her is the fact that Grey Goose signature cocktails will now be brought to life at each of The Weeknd’s tour stops around the globe. The R&B artist kicked off last week with his worldwide tour. Hopefully Selena will stay home.

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