‘We’re The Campbells’ Sneak Peek: Erica Tells Warryn They Put ‘Work Before Love’

‘It’s easy to get disconnected.’

Erica and Warryn are doing everything they can to make sure their marriage stays on track.

In an upcoming episode of We’re The Campbells, the couple sits down for a marriage check-up.

While discussing how they can better improve their relationship – especially with their busy schedules – Erica reveals she sometimes masks how she’s feeling and wrongfully expects her husband to realize when she’s upset.

“You know I have a tendency to hold on to stuff. And unfortunately for me, the type of woman I am, I can still operate fully as a wife. I can still cook for you, I can still iron your clothes on Sunday morning, have sex with you, the whole nine,” she reveals.

Warryn then asks, “You can do all that an be unhappy?”

“It’s not fully unhappy, but being bothered,” she replies, leading Warryn to ask how he can gage when she’s not happy.

To see how the two come to a healthy solution, click the video above!

We’re The Campbells airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on TV One.

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