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Did She or Didn't She? What's the Deal With Kim K Waxing Nori's Brows?!

It seems all everyone is talking about this morning is the new pic of Nori, Kim Kardashian Instagramed yesterday, and her impeccably groomed eyebrows. While the media is freaking out that Kimmy may have actually allowed hot wax near her newborn’s arches, I for one have to question this—seriously??

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Even though Kim has been known to do some drastic things in the name of beauty (remember that vampire facial?) I still think this would be going just a little too far. Plus, obviously Nori’s brows are going to be a little unruly just weeks after being born until they eventually calm down months later (as shown in the two photos above). Also, there’s no visible redness that’s apparent, which would definitely be there on such fragile skin.

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Kim Kardashian was spotted leaving a brow appt the other day, so chances are she could have brought the little tyke with her for a shape-up as well, but I’m sticking to my original thought—that there’s no way in hell she really waxed ’em. Plus, they actually appear fuller, not thinner, so how is that even possible?



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What do you guys think though? Is this just part of Keeping Up With the Kardashians for little Nori? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts @OKMagazine.