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Celebrity: Lisa Whelchel

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Lisa Whelchel Returns to Acting 25 Years After 'The Facts of Life'
When the hit show that made her famous went off the air, Lisa Whelchel who played the preppy and snobby Blair Warner on The Facts of Life, took a long break from working so she could focus on raising her …
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'Survivor: Phillippines' Star Lisa Whelchel Opens Up About Divorce
One of the newest stars of Survivor: Phillippines seems to be a survivor herself. OK! GALLERY: SURVIVOR WINNER ETHAN ZOHN BATTLES HIV/AIDS AND RUNS MARATHON IN NYC Lisa Whelchel divorced her husband of 24 years earlier this year according …
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Facts Of Life Star Lisa Whelchel Competing On 'Survivor: Philippines'
Lisa Whelchel is best known for portraying spoiled rich girl Blair Warner on '80s sitcom The Facts of Life but now the actress is set for a whole new adventure. The 49-year-old mother-of-three has signed on to compete against 17 …