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Celebrity: Nick Stahl

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'Terminator' Actor Nick Stahl Leaves Rehab Against Doctors' Advice
Just one month after checking himself into rehab, Nick Stahl has reportedly left. A source tells E! News: "[Nick] left a week ago. He walked out against doctors' advice. He just didn't want to be there anymore… It is …
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Nick Stahl Officially Enters Rehab
Nick Stahl is finally getting the help he needs. OK! NEWS: NICK STAHL REPORTED MISSING ESTRANGED WIFE FILES REPORT The Terminator 3 actor disappeared in Los Angeles' Skid Row for a few days last week and his estranged wife, …
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Nick Stahl Reported Missing, Estranged Wife Files Report
Terminator 3 star Nick Stahl has been reported missing by his estranged wife. According to, she filed a missing-person report on Monday after claiming to have last seen the actor on May 9. OK! GALLERIES: CHRISTIAN BALE …