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Celebrity: Sammy Adams

Must-See Celeb Selfies Taken Exclusively for OK!
Most Underrated Songs of 2013
Listen to a Playlist of OK!’s Most Underrated Songs of 2013
This was a jam-packed year in music. Get it? Packed with a lot of jams? There was a ton of new music to fill up our earholes and just when we least expected it, Beyonce dropped a whole new album …
Sammy Adams
Sammy Adams Admits the Most Embarrassing Artist on His iPod
You know that thing where you put your iPod on shuffle and let it play at a party? And then THAT song comes on, the one you totally rock out to with headphones on but not so much out loud …
Wanna Bump Into Sammy Adams? He Reveals His Favorite Places to Hang in Both His Hometo...
It’s no secret that Sammy Adams is a Boston boy, but with the release of his new single “LA Story” we decided to put him to the test with a little game of LA Vs. Boston. OK…