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Stacy Keibler Reveals Her Guiltiest Food Pleasures

Stacy Keibler is one lucky gal. Not only is she dating Hollywood hunk George Clooney but she has a body most women only dream of! The former pro-wrestler recently took time to share her diet confessions to OK!. 

My eating habits in one word"


Last time I felt guilty about something I ate:

"Thanksgiving. I love gravy. You know it's coming and you know you are going to feel like crap after, but I love it."

Healthiest thing I've eaten all week:

"A kale smoothie with bananas and agave and proten powder. It's easy and clean. Very vegan, and it's actually tasty."

Least healthy thing I've eaten all week:

"Nothing bad since the holidays! I am trying!"

Last time I skipped a meal:

"I don't — I make sure that I eat every two hours, especially if I am busy."

I'd want my last feast on Earth to be…

"It would be something — anything — covered in gravy!"