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'American Idol' Blog: The Top 11 Perform, Again!

We are back with yet another Top 11 show on American Idol. After the dramatic results show last week where Casey Abrams was saved from elimination, we have performances from the Top 11 once again. Tonight’s theme? Songs from Elton John. But since the save was used last week, two people will be eliminated this week. Who will it be?


Scotty: “Country Comforts” He sounded great like he always does. He even found a country song in the Elton John catalog. He can just get signed right now.

Steven: I love everything about your voice. Jennifer: You have amazing instincts. Always keep grounded. Randy: You have seasoned so fast on this show. You are so comfortable. That song sounds like it could be on your record.

Naima: “I’m Still Standing” Sorry, but this is just a bad reggae version. I do give her props for at least trying to change it up. However, this is just not good.

Jennifer: Some songs just aren’t meant to be flipped. I’m not sure it worked. But I love the way you perform. Randy: It came off kind of corny. Steven: Good for you picking a song that fits you.


Paul: “Rocket Man” He was back rocking the guitar and it suits him. Like him so much better than when he is dancing all over the place. Paul is always fun to watch.

Randy: There were a couple things that were a little pitchy. But you are infectious. Steven: I love your voice. You are my cup of tea. Jennifer: Just push, push yourself.

Pia: “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me” Once again, killer vocals from Pia, but once again a ballad. She is so great but I need to just see more personality from her.

Steven: You nailed it. Just about as good as it gets. Jennifer: The notes take us to another worldly place. Randy: You slay the ballads every time. That was unbelievable.

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Stefano: “Tiny Dancer” So much better than last week, connecting with the audience, working the stage. Will this be enough to get him out of the bottom 3?

Jennifer: I could really feel you taking your notes, connecting with the audience. Back to the Stefano we know and love. Randy: Your eyes were open and I could tell that’s different for you. I liked that. Steven: There is a real sweet thing to your voice. You nailed it.

Lauren: “Candle in the Wind” Took on such a classic song. She sounded good, but too pitchy at times. And she is not connecting to the song.

Randy: One of the greatest Lauren performances. Very hot. Steven: That was perfect. Jennifer: That was amazing. You sounded gorgeous.

James: “Saturday Night’s Alright” James really does own the stage and he works it. But he kind of knows he’s a star and that could turn people off. He was all over the crowd and even had a flaming piano!

Steven: That was beautiful. Jennifer: I forget that it’s a competition. You really encompassed the whole audience. Randy: You were having a good time, fire on the piano. That was a great performance.


Thia: “Daniel” Sorry, but so boring. She doesn’t work the stage. She doesn’t do anything for the song.

Jennifer: Beautiful moment for you. Randy: It was a relaxed side of you, there were some pitch issues. It was still very safe. Steve: You sang a great Elton John song well.

Casey: “Your Song” After being saved last week, it was makeover time. He got a haircut and trimmed the beard and such a great look. Really toned it down, chill on a stool. But is it too chill?

Randy: That was absolutely brilliant. So nice and tender. Steven: One of the finest moments on this  show was putting you through. You sing different every time and I love that about you. Jennifer: It was very Casey.

Jacob: “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word” Showed great emotions as always, made the vocals hit you deep. But will he have voters still voting for him?

Steven: I think you are wonderful. You slayed me. Jennifer: That last note, you don’t see that every day. Randy: The first half was brilliant.

Haley: “Bennie and the Jets” Haley got the primo pimp spot and she deserved it. Definitely my favorite Haley performance so far. She really showcased that bluesey voice that makes her so unique.

Jennifer: That was it. It was amazing. Randy: For me, best performance of the night. Steven: You sing sexy.

What a great show tonight, this really is a talented season. Makes it really hard to pick who will go home, but two must leave tonight.

Bottom 3: Thia, Naima and Stefano. But that third slot could also go to Paul or Jacob.

Going home: Thia and Naima.

We’ll find out the results tonight at 8 p.m.!

Written by Rana Meyer


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