Imagine, if you will, a ton of people decked out as Santa in NYC for a citywide bar crawl better known as SantaCon. Take it up a notch and imagine Ashley Greene participating in the festivities!

According to The New York Post, the Twilight star was spotted wearing a reindeer headband with antlers last Saturday during the annual fete at the Fat Black Pussycat.
A source told the paper, "Ashley was chatting with one of her girlfriends among the sea of [sloshed] Santas." The source added, "She had a cocktail in her hand, but she didn't appear to be drinking too much."
Considering Ashley's dating Reeve Carney, the Broadway star of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, she didn't seem deterred by the countless Santas. The soure added she "wasn't talking to any guys, only her friend." Ashley's rep didn't respond to calls.
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