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Dove Hosts a Weekend of Self-Esteem With Katie Couric: Get the Details Here!

Ever heard that phrase “self-confidence is key?” There’s something to be said about a lady who lives those few words out in her actions, and Dove has set out to prove it. This weekend, the brand is kicking off its fourth annual Self-Esteem Weekend hosted by Katie Couric, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and the Girl Scouts of the USA.



The activities began last night, as the bunch journeyed to the Empire State Building and lit up the sky with gleaming colors of red, blue, green, and white. So what’s the story behind the empowerment movement and how self-esteem effects girls everywhere?

According to Dove, six out of every ten (yes, ten!!) girls stop doing activities, hobbies, and things they absolutely love to do because they’re insecure about the way they look. That statistic just isn’t OK and this movement—filled with tons of standout women like Kid Chef Eliana—is at work to fix it. How amazing is that? Sounds like a weekend that’s definitely worthwhile.

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Boys & Girls Clubs, Facebook, and select Walmart locations are hosting events as well. And the Big Apple isn’t the only city that’s flaunting the hue of self-esteem. The Fox Theatre in Atlanta and the Baltimore Washington Monument in Maryland will both display the colors.

Dove even has a product that will remind you of the importance of having self-esteem. Their collection, the limited edition Dove “Confidence is Beautiful” will be sold at Walmart locations nationwide.  Click here for more information of Dove’s mission.



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