Last night after Emma Stone won the Best Actress accolade at the People's Choice Awards, she shocked the press by simply saying, "It sucked."

In the press room after the ceremony, of course she was laughing, and then the The Amazing Spiderman actress added, "Like a really not-eloquent concert."
What did seem eloquent, however, was working on the Spidey movie. "It's been really incredible. It's been different than anything I've had the opportunity to do before," she explained. "We actually wrapped back in May."
Although the movie isn't set for release until this July, she thinks the brains behind it are already working on another one. "They green-lit it," she added.
Switching gears, we wonder what beau and Spiderman costar Andrew Garfield thought of her dress? Perhaps in the category of TMI, she revealed, "You wouldn't know it, but I am completely naked under my outfit. It's Gucci and, you know, it's green and black and white."
Reporting by Gena Oppenheim