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Kylie Jenner and Scott Disick Are Major Divas! See What They Did This Time

Scott’s Crazy Spending

© / Instagram

© / Instagram

Scott Disick has single-handedly redefined retail therapy. In the months since his parents passed away (he lost his mother last November and his father in January), Scott, 31, has spent roughly $650,000 on watches, cars and suits (and even gleefully posted this pic of a homemade money sandwich)—much to the chagrin of Kourtney Kardashian, 34, with whom he just bought an $8.5 million house. “Kourt and Scott need to be spending wisely,” says a source. “They’re not Kim and Kanye West, and Kourt knows it.”

Kylie’s Bad Manners

AKM Images _ GSI Media

AKM Images _ GSI Media

Sweet 16? Not even close! Patrons of L.A.’s Urth Café were appalled last week when 16-year-old Kylie Jenner and pal Jordyn Woods plopped down at a table taken by a couple with two small children, then rudely refused to give it back. The young family had to stand and wait for another table while Kylie ate a leisurely lunch at theirs. “We left my son’s jacket and husband’s sunglasses on the table and went to get our drinks,” says the tipster. “When we got back, my husband was cool and asked if they would mind finding another table. Kylie pretended not to hear him talking and wouldn’t get off her phone. She didn’t look up once! Finally, when my husband grabbed our belongings and said he was going to get the manager, Kylie looked up and said, ‘Do it!’ She was a total diva.”

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