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Michael Lohan Arrested for Battery; Kate Major Claims She Was Beaten For Denying Him Sex

Michael Lohan will have to stop worrying about daughter Lindsay Lohan's legal woes, because now he has to focus on his own.

The patriarch was arrested in Tampa, Fla. early Tuesday for battery domestic violence against his on-again/off-again girlfriend Kate Major.

Michael, 51, was first taken to St. Joseph's hospital after complaining of chest pains when he was arrested. He was later booked and bail has not been set yet.


Police said, via Radar Online, that Michael "was hoping" his trip to the hospital "would prevent him from going to jail, and in fact, signed himself out of the hospital soon after he thought the police left. After he signed himself out, he was transported to booking."

According to the police report, obtained by Radar, Michael "grabbed and squeezed" Kate's arms and left her bruised from pushing her to the ground.

"As we approached the door, we could hear a female yelling 'Stop' and 'Leave me alone,'" police said in the report.

At the scene, Michael was "wearing only shorts, and was out of breath/sweating" when he answered the door.

"He immediately got defensive, saying, ‘Everything is OK and nothing happened here,'" police said. "The victim started yelling in the background for us to help her because he was lying. We separated the two at this time."


Kate was crying on the scene and "having a hard time catching her breath" when police first started interviewing her.

So what caused the fight?

Kate told officers Michael came to her apartment Sunday night and she let him stay. They then began fighting, and Michael continued to bang his head "on the door multiple times causing his forehead to bleed.”

He said that if Kate called the police, he would say she caused the injury.

Police then noted in the report that Michael got violent with Kate early Tuesday morning.

Kate claims it was because she "wouldn't give him a blow job."

Kate said that at one point in Michael's rage he threatened to "slit both his wrist and her wrist.”

He even threatened to throw Kate off the 4th floor balcony, and Kate said he "threw the remote control at her, but missed."

According to police, Kate wants to press charges.

Michael's story to police is quite different. He said that Kate told him she drank a bottle of wine and took some of her medication.

He claimed he had to go pick her up because she was too drunk.


Then when they got back to their apartment they had sex.

According to the report: “Major did not want Lohan to ejaculate inside her; Lohan stated he did ejaculate in her and his girlfriend got very angry," police wrote. "The two argued and Major told him she might be pregnant from previous sexual encounters with him. They argued some more."

This hasn't been Michael's first arrest for domestic violence. Earlier this year he was arrested for allegedly assaulting Kate, reportedly choking her and hurting himself to prevent her from calling help.

Back in 2009, he was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill himself and his fiancée at the time, Erin Muller, when she tried to break up with him.