Another day, another Lindsay Lohan story. This time it's not about her court time or morgue duties but rather, photo shoots. Apparently she will be shooting nude photos for Playboy to the tune of almost one million dollars!

According to TMZ, the deal has been perculating for several months now and the Mean Girls star refused the initial offer of $750,000 because she wanted one million bucks. As reported by the site, Hugh Hefner and crew ended up coming back to her with a higher offer. Although it was still less than her asking price, it prompted her to sign onto the gig. 
As for the specific issue, well, that hasn't been announced yet. Her rep told TMZ, "I can neither confirm or deny at this time." Playboy didn't respond to their e-mail or phone call but sources indicated the shoot will start this weekend.
This won't be the first time the troubled star poses in her birthday suit. In 2008 she morphed into Marilyn Monroe for New York Magazine and went from redhead to blonde for the photos. As pointed out by The Daily News, she was also on tap for full frontal nudity for a biopic on porn star Linda Lovelace but ultimately lost the role to Malin Akerman.

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