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OK! Old School: Bethenny Frankel Brings 80s Fashion Back!

Bethenny Frankel takes #ThrowbackThursday extremely seriously, debuting an outfit on her talk show that any 80s fashion queen would be particularly jealous of. The mesh gloves, the white puffy scrunchie, and iridescent blue eye shadow might have you either squirming with the hope that this decade of clothing will be forgotten, or eager to revive some of your best Madonna-esque ensembles.

Oh yeah, the hairspray was an appreciated finishing touch. Let’s be real—big hair doesn’t really have the same effect without the structural stuff. Bethenny’s audience and crew members even got in the spirit with neon leggings, sparkly leg-warmers, cropped denim jackets, and NKOTB tees. There may have even been some pink sweatbands.



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