rachel-dratch_jpg_Saturday Night Live alum Rachel Dratch is teaming up with The Second City (the comedy troupe with whom she got her start)  to bring you the first ever Clorox Ick Awards, celebrating life’s messiest moments with a night of hilarious improv. On Wednesday from 6 – 10 PM EST, you can participate in the  hilarity that will ensue as Rachel and the gang hand out the Icky Awards honoring the craziest moments tweeted with #ickies and act them out for all to see. OK! chatted with Rachel to find out how she got involved in this mess (get it?) and if she has a bleachable life moment.

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OK!: What can we expect from the Clorox Ick Awards?
Rachel Dratch: It’s like an interactive Twitter party, an interactive comedy experience. People can tweet their epic messes. There are different categories, just like at awards shows, there are mystery messes, epic messes, crazy kid messes. It seems geared maybe for moms and dads who are dealing with all of this stuff. But you can tweet at @Clorox with #ickies and then some of the tweets will be selected to be enacted and embellished onstage by The Second City comedy group where I started here in Chicago. So whoever gets selected will have their life played out before them.

OK!: How did you get involved?
RD: I got the call and Chicago and improvisation and the whole live tweeting aspect kind of appealed to me so I always love the chance to come back to Chicago and work with Second City again. It seems like a cool concept to me. Usually we do improve in a little theater and you have to be right there for the whole experience but Twitter opens up a whole other possibility for people who’ve never seen improv to get involved in it.

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OK!: Do you have one ick moment from your personal life?
RD: You know, I knew I was going to get asked this and I don’t have a crazy story. I’ve been seeing some of the tweets that have been coming in and people have crazy stories, like their daughter put peanut butter in the dryer. That makes a good story! I just have your standard being puked on by a two-year-old projectile vomiting. I don’t think I’m going to be winning an Ick Award tonight compared to some of the things I’ve read from others.

OK!: Tell us about the TV pilot you recently filmed, Dead Boss.
RD: We shot the pilot about two weeks ago. It’s me and Jane Krakowski playing cellmates in prison. It’s based on a British TV show that ran for a while. It’s almost like a comedy/mystery because she’s in for killing her boss but it’s pretty obvious she didn’t do it, but then all of these people are conspiring to keep her in jail. As her cellmate I’m so excited to have a roommate that I also want her to stay in jail. It’s a pilot so we find out in May if it gets picked up or not. Amy Sedaris is in it, too, and David Cross. So there’s lots of good people in there.

Participate in the Clorox Ick Awards tonight  by joining the conversation with #ickies, following @Clorox and host @HowtobeaDad on Twitter or joining the live Tweetcast.

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