Giuliana & Bill - Season: 6BGiuliana and Bill Rancic fielded questions from writers at NBC-Universal’s Summer Press Day in support of the seventh (yes, seventh!) season of their hit reality show Giuliana & Bill, which has moved from the now defunct Style Network to E!. The first episode premiered last week showing the couple in deep discussion about having a second child, and the good news that the surrogate who carried Duke agreed to work with them again. But as Giuliana explains, things aren’t always so cut and dry.

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“Duke was a blessing,” she says. “We tried for years to have Duke and went through three IVF cycles. It was on the third IVF cycle I found out I had breast cancer, which was obviously a very scary time. When Duke finally came along a year after my diagnosis through a surrogate it was an incredible day. We don’t take Duke or having children for granted. We realize what an incredible gift it is. So, yeah, we asked our surrogate (from) the first time if she would do it again and she did agree to do it again. All we can say really about that, I wish I had a more definitive answer, but just like everything else in our lives there are ups and downs this season, even with trying to have a second baby. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions this season. Episode 10, the finale, I think will shock a lot of people because it’s very different from episode one.”

What drives the Giuliana and Bill to share such personal aspects of their lives with millions? Quite simply, their fans.

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“I think in the beginning it was certainly very challenging and we had a lot of discussions, but once we first started putting those personal matters out there we got back a lot more than we gave,” explains Bill. “What I mean by that is so many people would say thank you, my family now knows what we’re going through with infertility, or other subjects we’ve covered over the last seven seasons of the show.”

“It has gotten easier now that we’ve done seven seasons,” agrees Giuliana. “We don’t feel the cameras as much as we used to. We’re okay with it because there has been a lot of positive feedback. We’re okay just opening up our lives. We just feel like as long as people can relate to us and they enjoy watching us and maybe they get a little takeaway from our show, we’re really happy to put it out there because we just feel like we have this unbelievable platform. Instead of just trying to get people to watch our TV shows, it’s like why not try to give back a little bit, too, and actually help people out in the process and help people feel less alone. Hopefully it’s a nice thing that we’re doing and it also makes us feel great when people say they learn from our show.”

Catch Giuliana & Bill every Tuesday at 8 PM on E!.

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