Suits - Season 4Suits returns Wednesday, June 11, to USA Network with their fourth season premiere and things are, shall we say, tense at Pearson Specter. Sarah Rafferty, who plays the most bad-ass legal secretary in TV history, talks to OK! about Donna’s romantic prospects, her loyalty to boss Harvey and which of her co-stars is seriously engrossed in telenovelas behind the scenes.

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OK!: Is Donna finally getting a serious love interest this season? You know, one that is an upstanding citizen?
Sarah Rafferty: I think Donna always has really good prospects. I imagine she keeps herself pretty busy in her spare time but she did sort of recently have a love interest midway through season three. The next knight in shining armor I’m sure is just about to walk through the revolving door.

OK!: Do you think Stephen Huntley was a good match for her or do you think she needs to go with someone completely different?
SR: I think he seemed like a good match initially and certainly Donna was really hesitant about getting serious with him. She was very clear about what their deal was—that they were just going to sleep together and have a good time but then he came to her, and I think he was honest, I don’t think he ever played games with her, and he said he was feeling more than he ever imagined and she kind of was open to that. She even had conversations with Harvey about it because she felt like she was getting into something serious with him. I think he was a great match for her in terms of his wit and charm and his success. I think she finds all of those things very sexy but she just didn’t know about the kind of massive ethical dilemma she was going to be faced with. That sort of blind-sided her. I think she thought he was a good match. But murder is kind of a major deal-breaker.

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OK!: How are things playing out at the firm with Mike now a client—how does that change things both on set and on screen?
SR: Well on set we have some fun new sets with the cool investment bank and all of the fabulous characters that come along with that. So that’s really fun—the entrance of the guest cast is always amazing and always so fun for us and makes the time in the makeup trailer really fun. In terms of the story, it’s a big change. It’s a big mix-up. Now that Mike is a client the dynamic between Harvey and Mike is radically different. It’s really complicated. It’s complicated for Rachel and it’s complicated emotionally for Harvey so in terms of that Donna takes that on. Donna takes on Harvey’s emotional life for him in a lot of ways.

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OK!: Who is the most fun to gossip with in the hair and makeup trailer?
SR: Oh, everybody! You can’t pick one person. Every day it’s like, “Oh yes, you’re here!” Whether it’s Rick busting on our crew and giving them a hard time in such a charming way or whether Rick, Patrick and I are blasting 90s music and singing along or Meghan and I are laughing or Gina is watching her telenovelas, which is so funny, and telling us all what’s happening because we don’t all speak Spanish. It’s just great.

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