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Rihanna Rocks It! The Barbadian Beauty's Best Music Videos

Well, it’s official. Rihanna can do just about anything and look totally hot while doing it! Only RiRi can go from a sexy solider to a sensual red head all while singing her heart out. So go ahead and eat your heart out Chris Brown, here’s our top picks for Rihanna’s hottest music videos.

“Rehab: Well if Rihanna wasn’t hot enough while she is sprawled out on the hood of a car, go ahead and throw Justin Timberlake (a dripping wet JT to be exact) into the video! Rihanna shows off her toned body in bikini tops and a pixie cut and shows JT who’s boss!

“Hard”: So what’s sexier than a lady in uniform? Rihanna in uniform. RiRi took charge in this video as she orders a line of male soldiers around, but we’re pretty sure they aren’t complaining. Rihanna struts her stuff in a hard hat before rolling around in the mud. Yes, we said mud.

“Only Girl in The World”: Rihanna softens things up in this video where she shows off her girly flowery side. Is there really any guy out there that wouldn’t make Rihanna his only girl in the world? We seriously doubt it after watching her seduce the camera while scantily clad in a flowery field.

“Disturbia”This video is nothing short of freaky, and by freaky we mean super, insanely sexy. Rihanna channels her inner, well, freak when she lashes and lunches in some dark, daring, barely-there outfits.

“S&M”: Whips, chains and ropes, oh my! We knew Rihanna was hot and we knew she was freaky, but we didn’t have any idea she could be this freaky hot! This fetish filled vid will have you singing “na na na na come on!”

By Alannah Scharfenberger


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