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The Bachelorette Week In Review: Chris Harrison Talks Bromance With Juan Pablo Galavis, Charlie Grogan Is Having A Baby Boy and More

While Juan Pablo Galavis’ season of The Bachelor won’t hit TVs until January 2014, the alums of the franchise are still buzzing with news. From Emily Maynard’s date night with daughter Ricki to Chris Harrison’s Bachelor bromance, find out all the juicy news in our Bachelorette Week in Review below!

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Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

There’s nothing like a solid bromance, especially when it’s between host Chris Harrison and upcoming Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis.  The two were chatting it up on Facebook which lead to the hilarious fan tweet below. 

We love that Chris embraces his close friendship with Juan Pablo. This will definitely come in handy as Juan Pablo begins his journey to find true love this January. Now we just have to wait and see who the lucky ladies will be vying for his heart in the new year!

Chris Grogan

Courtesy of Instagram

In more bromance news, Charlie Grogan is expecting a baby boy! Charlie appeared on Emily Maynard’s season and shared the good news on Twitter with his son’s future “#bachuncles.”

Sean Lowe, John Wolfner, Tony Pieper and Chris Bukowski were overjoyed for Charlie. The guys all sent sweet messages to the daddy-to-be like “Congrats my boy!” and “Awesome buddy!! Can’t wait to meet him!”

Courtesy of Instagram

Courtesy of Instagram

Emily Maynard  would be the most stylish mom at a concert! The Bachelorette star posted this adorable pic with her daughter Ricki from a girls night out at the Matty B. show.

Not only did we get a cute look into Emily’s fun weekend plans, but a glimpse into her fabulous wardrobe. Emily even posted a link on her blog of where you can get her fun tie dye pants—on sale!

Courtesy of Instagram

Courtesy of Instagram

Desiree Hartsock and Bachelorette winner Chris Siegfried shared with fans a collage from their recent adventures in Seattle. While Desiree revealed at After the Final Rose that she was nervous about leaving her home state, the starlet seems as if she has settled in perfectly.

To celebrate Labor Day, the happy couple took a break from their new book to focus on a little rest and relaxation. Desiree even explained it as the, “Best Labor-less weekend ever!” We’re glad the two had so much fun!

Courtesy of Instagram

Courtesy of Instagram

It’s official. We can never get enough of Zak Waddell’s chiseled abs! Zak’s witty jokes on Twitter are also always a plus. Who doesn’t love a man with a sense of humor?

Seriously, is this not a funny idea or what? We’re also happy to see Zak back out in the dating world! It’s easy to assume that the hunk doesn’t have any problems landing dates.

Trista Sutter

Courtesy of Instagram

It’s hard to believe that it’s already back-to-school time! We’re in even more shock at how grown up Trista Sutter’s daughter Blakesley is now.

We hope that both of Trista’s little ones had a great first week back at school! It feels like yesterday we were watching Trista and Ryan on The Bachelorette and now their second child is in her last year of preschool. How time flies!

What was your favorite Bachelor star up to this week? Tell us below in the comments and @OKMagazine.