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Your Afternoon "Aww": Did Liam Payne Get This Huge Boa Constrictor For Christmas?

When Liam Payne’s TwitPic popped up on our newsfeed Saturday we weren’t sure to be over the moon thanks to his hotness or terrified by the huge boa constrictor is his buff arms. Naturally his good looks won us over, but we couldn’t help but wonder—where on Earth did this gigantic snake come from?

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While at first we thought the slithering snake was a belated Christmas gift, Liam revealed alongside the snapshot, “My aunties snake ahhhhhhh!” The heartthrob made our heart skip a beat in more ways than one thanks to his follow up picture which simply read, “Meet philis.” We’re glad the One Direction hottie made a new friend, but we’re staying clear of the scary family pet!



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