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A Spiked Snow Cone Recipe to Cool You Off this Summer!


Without an air conditioner, a light breeze, or a dip in the pool, happy hour isn’t exactly cheery or enjoyable in the dead of the summer. Not even a little bit. A beer can only stay chilled for so long in 95-degree weather.

But let’s be real. Vacay is approaching and outdoor adventures are at an influx at this point, so you’ll need to figure out a libation situation that helps you stop sweating (don’t you hate that?) and is equally as delicious.

The idea points to icy treats.

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Celebrity event planner and entertaining expert Jung Lee teamed up with Clos du Bois winery to create a more-than-simple spiked snow cone recipe with their Rouge blend that combines two of a gal’s favorite things—dessert and wine!

Check out the recipe below and give it a try!

Clos du Bois Rouge Snow Cones
1 cup Clos du Bois Rouge
1 cup sugar
Shaved ice

Mix 1 cup of Clos du Bois Rouge with 1 cup of sugar in a small saucepan over heat until the sugar has dissolved. Cool completely before pouring on the shaved ice.

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