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10 Pictures of Harry Styles and Adorable Cats—Because Why Not?



Two things you’re probably guilty of? Remembering a few lyrics to a One Direction song (“What Makes You Beautiful” was catchy, OK?) and watching cat videos. And if you’re a die-hard T-Swift and Harry Styles fan, this statement honestly shouldn’t be argued. We know, we know. Their relationship didn’t end well AT ALL. But Tay likes cats, and Harry is just as cute as one. For real.

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Unsure about Harry being as sweet as a kitten? Well, he makes expressions literally just like those star felines on YouTube. Your Tango rounded up a bunch of snapshots of Harry Styles and found his feline twinnie, compiling them into a collage of images that you really can’t miss.

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This is the type of stuff to look at when you need a mood-booster.

Click HERE to see 10 photos we can’t stop raving about.

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