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Ask Drita D'Avanzo: How to Deal with Dating After Divorce

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Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo is back to help with your problems! Check back every week for Drita’s distinct brand of tough-love advice, and you can even send in questions of your own! Just email, or tweet @OKMagazine with the hashtag #OKAskDrita.

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Hiya from your northern neighbor, Canada!
I have a question. Being a single 40something mom, how am I supposed to “start over” and find a man at this point in my life? Where are all the men? It seemed like they were all a dime a dozen when I was married but after my husband and I split, over five years ago, all the men seemed to have disappeared? Where did they go? Any ideas? It’s tough being a single mom, as I am sure you can sympathize from when Lee wasn’t around 🙁

I’m sorry to hear about your split, but I’m glad to hear that you are ready to move on, or at least have been trying to move on. It may seem that all the men have dropped off the face of the earth (it would be nice if the cheaters and scumbags would) but that is NOT the case. In this day and age, you are kind of in luck if you are single, and kind of have a problem if you are in a relationship! It’s a catch 22. The reason I say this is because back in the day if you were single, you needed to be hooked up by a friend or meet someone by going out etc. Not anymore. Meeting people are right at your fingertips! The computer! Social media has ruined many relationships but has also made some wonderful relationships happen.

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My advice to you is to have a Facebook account if you don’t already have one, and get in touch with old friends and make new ones. You have the ability to meet people this way that are connected to people you know. Maybe they are single (which they will post), or maybe you can start an online friendship with them and it can grow into something more. I really don’t want to sound like a commercial right now, and dating websites can be scary, BUT I personally have friends that have met the love of their life on one of these dating sites. More than one friend of mine has ended up happily married and some remarried from a dating site.You will be surprised how many men are in the same position as you, thinking all the women disappeared. Take advantage of the internet!!,, These are just some of the few sites that are very successful.

I do however suggest you do your homework before accepting a date and meeting someone online. But these are reputable sites and I personally witnessed beautiful marriages that are still going strong because of these sites. There is plenty of fish in the sea—the problem is not trying to catch them. It’s trying to catch the good ones. Good luck!!!! Hope you meet the most wonderful man and have a wonderful future with him! xoxo Drita

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Luv ya, Drita. Was wondering how I can pick a lipstick color that goes with my skin tone. I have dark brown eyes and a lighter olive skin tone. I ran really dark in the summer. So wouldn’t I need a different color for different times of the year?

Hi Doreen,
A lot of women have a hard time finding the right shade of lipstick that looks great on them, but it sounds like you are in luck because of your skin coloring! The color of a women lips can tell me a lot about them, and what kind of mood they are in for the night. If I see a women with bright red or hot pink lips, she usually has an outgoing personality and is confident. I had a friend of mine with very fair skin, and she swore she could never wear red like I do, but did you ever see pics of Gwen Stefani? Marilyn Monroe? These women reek of hotness and sex appeal and know it, so they are confident enough to pull of wearing red. The right shade of red, of course.

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You having light olive skin and brown eyes makes it fun to find the right shade, because most likely you can pull of many different colors. When the summer comes around I tend to get very dark myself since I’m always outside. In the summer, my skin care, foundation, and bronzer are completely different than the winter months. Since our skin changes because of the weather, so do my products. What I think is sexy for the summer is a lighter lip color. Neutral, light shade of pink, and right now CORAL is hot! hot! hot! My personal favorite lip combinations are posted on my website along with photos, so you can get an idea of what it looks like on. Here is the link.

If you can’t find anything that you love, then go to a makeup studio in your area and have a makeup artist try colors on you, or see what she recommends. Have fun trying out new colors!!!
xoxo Drita

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I am looking for a product that will lift up my drooping eye lids so I look more fresh. Any help would be appreciated. And what colors of shadow o you recommend wearing for “aged” eyes, so to speak… lol

I love that you have a sense of humor and make light of things. Let’s talk about drooping lids for a second. Unfortunately when it comes to wrinkles, droopy lids and just aging skin in general NO SKIN CARE PRODUCT on the market is going to make the wrinkles disappear, or lift the lids. I have my own cosmetic and skin care line, and have been a skin care specialist and I am beyond honest with customers. I don’t sell something and say it’s going to do something it will not do. This is why Lady Boss Cosmetics & Skin Care is successful and sold in over 10 countries.

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The good news is there is products that PREVENT and help diminish the appearance of aging skin. My peptide skin care line is my top selling skin care line in stores and online for women over 40. I always tell the customers, if you scrunch up a piece of loose leaf paper, it will never lay flat and perfect again. The wrinkles will still be there BUT if you put water on the paper and flatten it out it look a thousand times better! That’s what great skin care can do for you and peptide is the BEST. Here is a link for the eye cream I highly recommend for you.

As for the shadow, stay away from shimmer and glitter! Find a soft color that is similar to your own skin and it will look like you are not wearing anything at all. I love that look! xoxo

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