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12 Celebrities Who've Admitted To Having Trouble Getting Pregnant

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While some stars like Kim Zolciak (and those teen moms) seem to get pregnant just by getting looked at, others have struggled with concieving—and openly, too.

Katy Perry: “I Don’t Need a Dude to Have Kids” has a list of 15 Celebrities Who’ve Openly Faced Fertility Issues. Giuliana Rancic was open about her miscarriages which led her and her husband to use a surrogate for their son, Duke, and Sarah Jessica Parker used a surrogate for her twins, too, even though she got pregnant with their first child. We’ve also seen Khloe Kardashian discuss her fertility struggles on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Gwen Stefani be vocal about hers, even though she gave birth to three healthy kids! And let’s not forget Jaime King, who just last week took to Instagram to share her struggles of getting pregnant.

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