Disclaimer: DO NOT KEEP READING IF YOU HAVEN’T YET WATCHED THE SEASON 3 FINALE OF HOMELAND! Ok? We got that out there? Good. Now, today we make Damian Lewis our OK! Hottie of the Day, because ladies and gentlemen, you will no longer be seeing him on Homeland. They killed him off in the finale, and he got hanged. Not an easy way to go, but speaking of easy, Damian’s surely easy on the eyes:

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Here Damian is in the UK doing some press for the show at BBC London. Reading all the interviews he’s been doing is sad, because we know it’s really the end and no, Brody won’t be resurrected.  So basically what we’re saying is this photo is all we’ve got to hold us over until he gets cast in another show. Treasure this one, ladies.

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