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Reality Check with Lea Black

Hello everyone! Happy fall! I hope everyone’s having an awesome October so far. Is everyone ready for a fun Halloween? Have you picked out your costume yet? On Facebook and Twitter, some of you have been saying you are dressing up as ME this Halloween! I love that! If you do, send me your pix – break out the turbans! Haha!

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Courtesy of Lea Black

Courtesy of Lea Black

Speaking of costumes – that reminds me of  the latest Spring 2014 and NOW fall fashion trends of 2013. The New York Fashion Week was swept up in the whirlwind set off by the Met Gala in May of this year which inspired some very fun, creative styles and designs loosely based on the rebellious, counter-cultural punk rock styles popularized from the early 70s through the mid 80s.

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Courtesy of Lea Black

Courtesy of Lea Black

So for those of you who are scrambling to get something leather or plaid into your wardrobe to ride the fall 2013 punk fashion wave, absorbing every new punk fashion guide published in the last two weeks, relax!! Don’t get caught up in fads. Timeless styles are timeless for a reason—they will never go away. You will be able to wear these styles to job interviews, parties, meetings, and everything in between! The same goes for shoes and accessories. While combat boots may be fun and en vogue for this season—in select situations that is—simple, elegant, and versatile ankle wrap heels will never let you down. While studded leather jackets may be de rigueur, a Chanel blazer will never go out of style.

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Courtesy of Lea Black

Courtesy of Lea Black

The punk trend extends to one of my favorite obsessions – bags! Studded clutches are pretty hot right now, but I’ve said this time and time again – I would pick a piece that I can carry around for years before hopping on the bandwagon of the latest trend. A simple, elegant clutch will go a long way and will give any outfit a perfect complimentary hint of vintage flair. My black ice box is the perfect example. Even if you do decide to go for a punk rock leather jacket for the fall season, the ice box is versatile enough to add the perfect vintage, glamorous accent! A little bling is ALWAYS in style.

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