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Chris Brown Rihanna Relationship National Enquirer InvestigatesChris Brown Rihanna Relationship National Enquirer Investigates

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Self-Destructing Romance: What Really Caused Chris Brown & Rihanna's Assault Crisis?
A new series by 'National Enquirer Investigates' rips into all the red flags.
National Enquirer Investigates Rihanna Chris Brown

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Fresh Facts: Rihanna & Chris Brown's Bloody Brawl RE-EXPOSED
National ENQUIRER Investigates' reveals new details in the infamous case.
National Enquirer Investigates Miley Cyrus Nudity Drugs Video
‘Out Of Control’ Miley Cyrus Had Dad Billy Ray Begging Her To Go To Rehab
‘National Enquirer Investigates’ uncovers how close she was to self-destruction.


Miley Cyrus' Drug-Fueled Past Uncovered In 'National Enquirer Investigates'
Go inside the night that changed the Disney star's image forever.
Dolly Parton National Enquirer Investigates

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Watch: Dolly Parton's Darkest Secrets Revealed In Juicy New Show
'National Enquirer Investigates' takes on the skeletons in the country star's closet.


Sex, Lies & Videotapes! Blockbuster Doco Reveals New Details Of Sheen's HIV Cover-Up
'National Enquirer Investigates' exposes the truth behind the scandal.


Natalie Wood Death: Her Daughter Trashed Over Cover-Up!
'National Enquirer Investigates' reveals what Robert Wagner knows.


Natalie Wood's Death: New Evidence & Eyewitness Accounts Contradict Official Story
'National Enquirer Investigates' reveals the truth about the fateful boat trip.


Whitney Houston's Death: The Last Days Of A Diva
'National Enquirer Investigates' reveals the tragic end of the signer's life.

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Punches, Threats & Cries For Help — Inside O.J. Simpson's Vicious History Of Abuse
'National Enquirer Investigates' reveals how he made Nicole Brown's life hell.

Cheating Scandal

'National Enquirer Investigates' Reveals O.J. Simpson's Many Mistresses
Inside the shamed star's sordid affairs during his marriage to Nicole.

Shocking Past!

Nicole Brown Simpson Involved In Drug-Fueled Parties & Steamy Affairs Before Death
Nicole Brown Simpson Involved In Drug-Fueled Parties & Steamy Affairs Before Death


O.J.'s Murder Weapon Revealed? Simpson Never Discarded Knife!
'National ENQUIRER Investigates' uncovers key details about the fateful blade.