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Five Fun Facts About the Latest Cult Classic, Sharknado!
Disaster movies have always proven to be popular with audiences, but killer bees are just so zzzzzz. The new rage? Great white sharks. Or, more specifically, great white sharks that form storms and rain down on terrorized victims living in Southern California. That’s the premise of the new instant cult classic, Sharknado, which debuted on Read More
'Warehouse 13' Stars Reveal Their Stressful Yet Kinda Hilarious Audition
If you haven't yet given Syfy's Warehouse 13 a shot, add it to your Tivo now. Stars Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelley say the series is your sci-fi gateway drug. Watch: What Crazy Thing Did Kristen Stewart Say at Coachella? "It's on Syfy, but I really don't consider it a sci-fi show," says Eddie. " Read More