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Shedding For The Wedding: Incredible Brides Who Danced Away The Pounds With Zumba
Women will go great lengths to look picture-perfect on their wedding day, but shedding pounds doesn’t always include depriving diets and tedious workouts! Two real women decided to take the torture out of the equation and discovered a new way to shake off the weight! Through Zumba, they not only dropped pounds, but these two Read More
Star Bodies: I Survived Beyoncé and Solange's Zumba Class
When you get invited to take a class that’s helped Bey and Solange get their bangin’ bods—you go. Or at least that’s what I though until I was midway through, sweating like a beast, tripping over my own feet, trying to keep up with the moves, regretting that decision. Star Bodies: Celeb Swimsuit Inspiration Alvin Read More