Now that Rachel Dratch is expecting her first child, she’s looking to her former Saturday Night Live pal Amy Poehler for advice.

“She’s kind of my mom so [laughs] she’s a good mom,” Rachel, 44, tells me of her good friend, who is pregnant with her second child. “She’s a nurturing soul. And she’s fun, too. It’s a good combo for a mom.”

One way Rachel will keep her little one entertained is with great stories of world travel.

“One time in Italy I wore … I guess you’d call it a wife beater t-shirt, although that’s not PC,” she recalls. “I wore a little black tank top to a restaurant, and this Italian woman sitting next to me was giving me the evil eye the whole meal. I guess you’re not supposed to wear those? But it wasn’t even fancy. I don’t know, maybe I looked like an American. [laughs]”

As the tot grows up, it will also be entertained by mom’s former Saturday Night Live co-star Maya Rudolph, 37, who is mom to Pearl, 4, and Lucille, eight months, with director boyfriend Paul Thomas Anderson. (Hello, playdates!)

“Maya and I went to Tulum, Mexico, with the gang,” Rachel says. “The place was not all that … the place did not look like the Web site at all. I think our little hut was next to a sewage system. Anyways, we left.”

For Rachel, keeping everything in perspective is key when it comes to traveling.

“You need a sense of humor for when things go wrong on vacation. Yeah. That’s why I usually travel with the same little gang. When something goes wrong, we make it into a big joke. Once I traveled with people [cackles] who didn’t have that sense of humor, and I had planned the trip. You know what it’s like when you’re the ‘responsible’ person who books the place? Then it’s not a fun vacation when you’re responsible for everyone’s good time.”

Certainly Rachel’s easygoing nature will guide her through the ups and downs of motherhood.