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What 'Wicked Single' Star Has a Crush on the Yankees' Derek Jeter?

The thing about reality TV is that it can take place, well, anywhere. But of course, it always helps when the show takes place in a happening city. Jersey Shore wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining if it didn’t take place in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

C’mon, meeting Snooki in another city wouldn’t have been nearly as fun.

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Wicked Single, a show by VH-1, takes on the city-living gig in Boston. The cast members are Boston-proud, but Wicked Single cast member Nikki still knows how to show the New York Yankees some love. Well, specifically Derek Jeter.

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Nikki is one of the bubbly, upbeat, easy-going girls starring on the VH-1 reality TV show. She’s always full of candid, rather surprising moments, but she says it’s because she forgets the cameras are still rolling or are even around at all! Her larger-than-life personality can also be attributed to the fact that she hates when things get too serious. Laughing at herself is apparently a regular occurrence.

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