In her first appearance before a huge audience since giving birth to twins in July, a healthy and happy looking Angelina Jolie revealed how she got her body back after babies.

“Run around with all the kids, and breastfeeding, which I think is part of your body’s natural way of losing weight,” Angelina said at the Changeling premiere held during the New York Film Festival Saturday.

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Now that she and Brad Pitt are parents to six adorable children, Angelina tells OK! that being a parent permeates everything she does, including her onscreen work.

"I did this film partially thinking of my children, but the majority of it was thinking of my own mother," explained Angelina, who recently lost her mother and best friend, Marcheline Bertrand, after a battle with cancer. "[My character] reminded me of my mom, and my mom had passed away that year… Instead of the sadness, I was overwhelmed with how much strength my mom found when she needed to with her kids because she was very shy. And then as a mom, it just made me hold onto my kids that much tighter at the end of every night, and love them, and just be so grateful that I know where they are and that you’re healthy."

And just in case you thought that Angelina and Brad, who has joked that he would like to have a full soccer team of kids, would stop at a half-dozen, she says that there’s no stopping in the near future.

"We are going to have more kids," revealed the Oscar winner. "One way or another."

And lest you assume that Angie is completely overwhelmed with six rugrats, she says, "I feel great. I feel very happy that they’re healthy… Everybody’s great! The babies are good and getting big and healthy and developing their personalities."

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Though she recently relocated to Berlin, Angelina, who says she spends her free time at home "just running around with the kids," is looking forward to returning to their home in France.

"We love France. We’d like to spend more time there again. We’ve got a lot of wonderful friends. We love the air, and the life, and the other children we met. It was a beautiful, beautiful quality of life and beautiful place to live."

By Valerie Nome

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