Angelina Jolie has officially achieved nesting status. In a new interview with BBC News, the Oscar winner reveals her desire to quit acting and focus more on her children with partner Brad Pitt.

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"I don’t plan to keep acting very long," she says. "I’m ready to do a few things now, and fade away and get ready to be a grandma one day. I’ve had a time to tell stories, and be successful enough to tell the ones I want to tell, but everything comes in seasons, and I hopefully won’t be needing to do that in later life in any way."

The actress, 32, who stars in Clint Eastwood‘s new film Changeling, says she plans to work again for a few months in Feb. but then probably won’t do anything again for another year.

"I like being home a lot these days," she reveals. "My core is my family. First and foremost I have a lot of children and a big responsibility to make sure they’re growing right and that they’ve got us there for them."

That "us" refers to Angelina and her partner Brad Pitt. Jolie says she plans to continue using her celebrity to shed awareness on global issues close to her heart–something she and Pitt share.

"Last night Brad and I were walking down the line with all the cameras and it’s been 5 or 6 months since we’ve had to do that…and we were both just whispering [to each other], ‘We’ll be home soon, we’ll be home soon!’ We can have a genuinely good time going out together and it’s fun to dress up and be adults, but it’s nice to know it’s not our life."

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And as for the critics who lashed out at the couple for selling pictures of their children, Angelina says it was about taking back control.

"We’re either going to have people breaking into our property, which we’ve had, or breaking into the hospital, which we’ve had…and getting in our children’s faces or drilling a hole through the ceiling of our hospital room–something ridiculous and horrible–either we’re going to have these type of people make that kind of money off our children, or we’re going to say that there’s something really wrong with that and what can we do about it?" she explains.

Jolie continues, "We find something that we can make positive and do something where it, in turn, does some good and makes us feel o.k. about it all. So it’s really a response to this other thing that we have to counter."



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