Though it had been rumored that Ashlee Simpson would use her appearance on Monday night’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno to finally admit what the rest of the world already knows — that she and fiancé Pete Wentz are expecting their first child — it appears that the singer just isn’t ready to talk about impending motherhood.

While many singing celebrities will take some time to talk to host Jay Leno in addition to performing for the audience, Ashlee only appeared during the musical portion of the evening.

Sporting her engagement ring and hiding her baby bump under a loose-fitting black dress, the little sister of Jessica Simpson sang “Little Miss Obsessive,” the second single from her new album, Bittersweet World, which hits stores Tuesday.

While Ashlee didn’t shoot a sit-down interview segment, she did take part in a pre-taped promo for the show that involved her, Jay, hunky animal trainer (and OK! Man Candy!) Dave Salmoni, and a baby black bear. And judging by the way she doubled over in laughter when the adorable furry creature went #1 on Jay, Ashlee will likely find diaper changing a hilarious undertaking.

By Jon Warech

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