Hi everyone — I hope you all had a great Fourth of July!

Our weekend was pretty calm, but fun. We went to Dave Coulier‘s house for a BBQ on Friday and had a really nice — but hot! — time.

We took Zoie with us; it was one of the few times we were able to bring her. Usually when we are out, the evenings are so late we just can’t take her along. But she was so good for us while we were there! She was hanging out by the pool and taking a nap. Zoie is such a great baby!

(Cody, Zoie, me, Dave and his girlfriend Melissa on the 4th)

That was the only day of the week I didnt stick to my diet though, but even then I didn’t blow it too bad — a chicken kabob and some spinach dip.

Then the next day was a family day at my parents’ house with Cody, Zoie and me as well as Cody’s mom. That day I stuck to my program and brought along my yummy NutriSystem fajitas. Then I had a chocolate cake (also NutriSystem) for dessert. It was fun! The grandparents are just in love with Zoie.

As for the exercising, I’ve been doing my workouts much more this week, but it’s been hard! Mostly because I still have a hurt foot. I stubbed my two toes on my left foot really hard two weeks ago, and it’s not getting any better!

But I’m determined to keep going, so I’ve been modifying my exercises slightly. I’m hoping it’s going to get better soon. I can be such a klutz!

Let’s hope I don’t injure anything else in the near future!

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