To most, it appeared their romance blossomed out of nowhere.

But now Benji Madden is setting the record straight about his girlfriend, Paris Hilton, and telling the world that their relationship is definitely the real deal.

"We were in love before anyone even knew we were together," the Good Charlotte band member reveals to Yo on E! on Sirius Radio. "We have known each other for a long time, and I’ve always known the real Paris. I always knew that she was like…wife material or serious girlfriend material. You’re getting a lot of personal sh**t out of me, man!"

Benji continues, "You just want to get on top of a mountain and go, I’m in love! But your fans would probably make fun of you."

So could there be wedding bells in the near future? "Nothing would make me happier," Madden says. "Wow, alright. Ok. I’m not gonna bet against you on that. We’ll see. I’m very, very happy right now."

Ok, these two may not be tying the knot any time soon, but what about Benji’s twin brother, Joel Madden and his baby mama and Paris’ best friend, Nicole Richie?

"I don’t know. That’s my best friend in the world so I would pretty much know everything, and I don’t know anything about that," Benji says. "They’re madly in love, I can tell you that. They’re like the picture perfect couple, and they’re amazing parents. It wouldn’t surprise me."

Speaking of babies, Benji admits his new niece, Harlow, has him wrapped around her little newborn fingers. "Oh yeah, I babysit all the time. I love babysitting and I’m learning everything. I can change diapers now…One of Harlow’s favorite songs is one of the songs on our record, so when I rock her to sleep, I’ll sing it to her."


Uh-oh Paris, it looks like someone has officially boarded the baby train!


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