In an odd turn of events to today’s hearing in the Britney Spears vs. Kevin Federline custody case, the troubled pop star finally arrived in court — hours after the case had been adjourned for the day!

Slipping in through the garage entrance of the courthouse, Brit made her way into the courtroom with her lawyer. “She was fiddling nervously,” one eyewitness tells OK! about the singer, who wore jeans, heels and a sweater for her first appearance in the hearing. When commissioner Scott Gordon inquired about her dark glasses, Brit’s lawyer responded that they were required for an unnamed “medical condition.”

Britney left court about an hour later in her white Mercedes with her new assistant in tow. An eyewitness tells OK! that the fallen pop tart was “dazed and disorientated” after her court appearance and asked photographers to help guide her back to her house.

One paparazzi volunteered and Brit diligently followed. “Britney said she didn’t know where she was or how to get home,” adds the eyewitness.

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