After a week of hearing arguments regarding where Anna Nicole Smith should be buried, Judge Larry Seindlin has made the shocking decision that custody of the body of the former Guess model, who passed away on Feb. 8 in a Florida hotel room, belongs to her infant daughter Danielynn, and that the baby’s lawyer Richard Milstein is to confer with the other parties involved in the suit to make a final decision on the case, though Judge Seindlin did state that he wants Anna Nicole to be with her son, implying that he wishes for her burial to take place in the Bahamas.Anna Nicole’s former lawyer and common-law husband Howard K. Stern had been asking to have Anna Nicole buried in the Bahamas, where she had been living for the past several months and where her son Daniel is buried. However, he’s had to fight the TrimSpa spokesmodel’s mother, Virgie Arthur, who wishes to see her estranged daughter interred in the United States.

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