Sitting across a conference room table from her ex-hubby Kevin Federline on June 26, Britney Spears looked weary yet determined. After months of battling to regain at least partial custody of her children, she was more focused than ever on her goal.

The singer’s renewed determination is thanks to her 17-year old sister, Jamie Lynn Spears who, following the birth of her own daugther, Maddie Briann Aldridge, has become a role model for motherhood to her big sis.

"As happy as she was for all the joy Jamie Lynn is experiencing it was heartwrenching for her to think about her own situation with Sean Preston and Jayden James," a source close to the singer tells OK!. "She knows she has to do whatever the court, her attorneys and her doctors tell her to get the boys back."

One thing is for sure — Britney is finally ready to participate and play the game. On June 24, the singer,26, went before commissioner Scott Gordon asking for a change in her custody. In a huge win, Gordon granted Brit one overnight a week with her boys.

Then, two days later as first reported by OK!, the unthinkable happened. Brit and K-Fed met face to face with their attorneys for an out-of-court conference in the hope of settling their custody dispute ahead of an August trial date.

"Britney and Kevin were very comfortable with each other," an insider tells OK! of their meeting. "Their conversations are extremely cordial and getting better."

But although their intentions were good, Brit and Kevin were unable to compromise on their custody arrangement. A source close to the case tells OK! that K-Fed’s unwillingness to budge has mostly to do with Britney’s conservatorship, which the court has ruled still necessary to her recovery. As long as her conservatorship remains in place, K-fed wants 100 percent full custody of their two sons.

"Legally, Britney is a child," the insider tells OK!. "How can Kevin possibly give up any custody of his children to someone who is a child herself?"

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