Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the hospital that gave an overdose of blood thinner to three infants, including the twins of actor Dennis Quaid, has been fined $25,000.

TMZ is reporting that after an investigation, the California Department of Public Health found that hospital personnel failed to follow their own procedures for safe medication use, and that resulted in what they called "preventable medication errors."


Back in November, the Quaids’ then 10 day old twin newborns, Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, were given an overdose of the drug, Heparin.

According to Cedars, a total of three babies were given doses of 10,000 or more units per mililiter of the drug.

The normal dosage is 10 units.

Hospital officials said the children affected were all treated and did not show any lasting ill effects from the overdose. In December, Quaid and his wife, Kimberly Buffington, sued Baxter Healthcare, claiming the drug company failed to change the medication’s labels to prevent confusion over dosages.


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