Dancing with the Stars finalist Cristián de la Fuente is keeping a dirty little secret from his wife Angelica Castro!

He lets their dog, Napoleon, sleep in their bed when she’s not around.

“He loves to sleep in the bed with me, and my wife doesn’t want him, so every time my wife is not home, we sleep together,” Cristián, 34, tells OK! at the Milk-Bone Takes Manhattan event. “If not, he has his own bed on my side of our bed. But whenever my wife is not home, we’ll sleep together. We don’t tell her. The good thing is, he doesn’t talk.”

Now that the secret’s out, Angelica can take solace in the fact that caring for Napoleon gave Cristián, who stars in USA’s new series In Plain Sight, great practice and preparation for fatherhood by the time they welcomed their daughter Laura, now 3.

“He was my first child,” he says. “I didn’t know what it was like to have a child until I had my daughter, but he was the first relationship that I had where I had to take care of him, feed him, and give him everything because they can’t survive without you. It’s a great feeling. It’s my little boy.”

These days, Napoleon is playing second fiddle to Laura, who may very well be a pro dancer on DWTS one day. Inspired by Cristián’s run, Laura has decided kicking up her heels is the gig for her.

“She wants to be a dancer,” he says. “She got a doll, and she named the doll Cheryl [after my partner Cheryl Burke]. I guess we’ll have a dancer in the family.”

By Valerie Nome

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